The Founder of @ The A-Class Universe of Draperies and Soft Furnishings

Visionary, Founder, Drapery Engineer

Lover of fabric, laughter, life and fancy tools. Her desire to find new and better way to do things is only surpassed by her faith in and passion for God.


Janie’s ‘tell-it-all’ style of teaching has been her asset as the leading

Training Provider in the Caribbean for over 22 years. 

Janie’s engineering background gives her the eye for details and a capacity for

troubleshooting and creating systems and procedures that lead to greater efficiency.


Janie is the Managing Director and Principal of A-Class Draperies and Interiors

Limited. She has become known as the go-to for professional training and a guru

in time saving techniques.

Her passion for growing the local and regional Window Treatment and Home

Furnishings industry is immense. She is absolutely committed to building the Drapery Fabrication Industry

and  helping others succeed.


Janie holds a bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering.

She has earned International certifications in Color and Drapery Fabrication 

such as a Certified Window Treatment Consultant (CWTC), Certified Workroom Professional (CWP),

Dewey Certified Color Consultant and Instructor (DCC, DCI).

Her school is the only private Institution certified by the National Training Agency (NTA)

to offer the Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQ) in Home Furnishings.


Her expertise is highly sought after by various government bodies for the development of Regional

Occupational Standards (ROS) and the building out of the National and CARICOM

Qualification Frameworks (NQF and CQF).  


Her alumni consist of hundreds of women whose lives have been transformed through her teaching

and many of them are also leaders in the industry.


Janie’s story is wrapped up in her business tagline ‘we train the experts’ and

the tagline for CO DESIGN ‘together we succeed’


"“I am forever indebted to Janie Cox and A-Class Draperies and Interiors for the invaluable foundation given to me.” Ms. Cox is a consummate professional, who shares unreservedly and is ultimately dedicated to the industry. "

Ann-Moore Spencer
Ann Moore-Spencer | Past Vice President of Trinidad and Tobago Chapter of the Window Coverings Association of America, Columnist -The Trinidad Guardian

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